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Hiccup smiles and nods to him ” Well alright what is it you want to know about the dragons?” he asks before pulling out a charcoal pencil ” I have this.” he says shrugging his shoulders a little, it wasn’t much. ” Well alright sure i’ll help. If you want you can study Toothless his the first dragon that was trained.” 

"Well, I just wanted to know top speeds and the like of dragons in captivity versus the ones who haven’t been trained. As well as agility, senses, firepower, and the like." He smiled, "The differences between trained and wild dragons I suppose." Wit looked at the charcoal pencil and smiled, "It’ll be enough. I’ll just find a leaf or rock to write on." He smiled and glanced at Toothless, "I’m not entirely sure your dragon is fond of me. Are there wild dragons of his species here?"

College AU


Peter was caught a little off guard when the door suddenly swung open. For a second, he though somehow just bags were trying to make their way into the room then it hit him. Moving from his spot, he asked if the guy needed help. He made sure to move his stuff out of the way. “Yeah I guess we’re roommates now. I’m Peter by the way,” the teen said offering his hand to the other to shake.

Wit let out a breath of relief when the other offered to help, “Yeah, I could use a bit…” He chuckled sheepishly before moving his stuff out of the way. “Nice to meet you Peter.” He smiled and offered his hand, giving a firm shake. “Which bed do you want? I’m not terribly picky.” The rat started to sift through his luggage, seeing what he could put where. “And I hope you’re an individual who showers daily. I’m not terribly fond of that particular odor.” He chuckled.


Hiccup stared down at Toothless noticing how he didn’t seem at all happy, his reaction towards the rat was so strange Toothless never gave others dirty looks unless he really didn’t like or trust them but his never had that problem before. The viking looks up and looked to Wit ” Uh, i don’t think that’s such a good idea…” he says looking back down to Toothless ” I just don’t want any of the dragons to latch out at you, that and i think the villagers will think you’re some kind of monster and try to kill you.” he says looking back to him.

" Are you sure you want to go to the village? I mean there are plenty of dragons out here."  he asks " If you want to go i can go ahead and inform the village so they don’t fire arrows at you." he offers, it’s the best he can do.

The rat chuckled warmly, “Oh, heavens. I’m not thinking straight. Yes, yes. That would probably be much better.” Wit smiled, “Let’s go find dragons out here then. I don’t want to cause any trouble.” Whatever made getting what he wanted easier. Right now, he needed to gain the trust of Hiccup, and hopefully Toothless, but the dragon didn’t seem at all swayed by his performance. A simple one-on-one conversation may aid him though. The rat nodded.

"Perhaps you’re right. Let’s not go to the village. You know the place better than I do." He chuckled warmly, ears flipping forwards, "We’ll take a look at the native dragons here, then at the dragons that have been trained, and see the differences. Have you anything to write with? I think it would be easier if things were all written down, then you go to the village and take notes for me. It would probably cause less trouble." The rat smiled warmly again.


Hiccup chuckled a little and shook his head ” Well i guess you’re just really big and well you talk but it’s not to strange.” he says before nodding ” Yeah we do have tame dragons.” he says and refers over to Toothless. Who didn’t seem to trusting of the rat in front of them, but Hiccup shrugged it off, it was a little strange to see a big talking rat.


Toothless shot the rat a rather dirty look. 

The rat nodded, smiling warmly, “I suppose so!” Wit looked over towards Toothless, who wasn’t all too enthusiastic about him. Knowing that the dragon could sense that he wasn’t truly here for what he had stated, Wit was going to have to play it rather safe. Perhaps he could send one or two of his creatures after some wild dragons and collect what was left afterwards. Then again, if there was an issue, no doubt the natives would soon find out that weird things only started to happen after he arrived. No, it would have to be something much more sophisticated than that. “Could you show me to the village, then? I believe you have a wide array of dragons there that I could study.” He smiled warmly again, not giving up the act for a second. 


" I wouldn’t really know, i’ve never seen a rat here on Berk but i’m just glad you weren’t offended." Hiccup says smiling to the rat slightly and watched as he approached Toothless stepped back again and raised his snout up sniffing the air as he caught the rats scent " No, you’re not don’t worry." Hiccup smiles now, this rat seemed very nice " It’s nice to meet you Wit, I’m Hiccup and this is Toothless, even though i’ve already told you that." he chuckles a little shrugging his shoulder " So what brings you here to Berk? Or did you get lost on your way somewhere ?" 

Wit smiled, “I can’t be offended by something like that. I’m more unnatural than a spider befriending a fly.” He chuckled. The rat then answered Hiccup’s question, almost without missing a beat, “Well, I overheard that there were dragons around here, more or less, tame ones in Berk. I wanted to analyze their longevity and compare it with those in the wild, as well as their physical and mental abilities.” The rat folded his hands together. His real intentions lied within the dragon. He wanted their DNA for his own reasons. The rat was merely acting friendly. In all reality, he hadn’t felt a single emotion, as he had taken a pill that completely suppresses them. 


Hiccup was a little shocked when the rat suddenly spoke ” I um….no it’s okay Toothless wouldn’t attack unless he absolutely needed to….um i’m sorry if this offends you but you’re a talking rat….and i’m really not trying to be rude it’s just i’ve never seen or heard a rat talk….” he says looking him over ” Um you’re on an island called Berk.” 

It was a much nicer reaction than Wit had anticipated. He gave a warm chuckle, “Well, that’s nice of Toothless, then, isn’t it?” The rat took a couple steps closer, smiling warmly. “Oh, it’s absolutely fine. Rats don’t normally talk, now do they? I’m just rather glad that you didn’t send your friend to tear my throat out! Most humans usually run and scream.” He scratched behind his ear, “I’m always polite, so other than the fact that I’m a talking rat, I can’t imagine why.” Wit smiled when the human said where he was. The rat stroked his chin and muttered to himself for a couple moments. He seemed to be retracing his memory. “Which means….” He paused for a moment, “I’m glad I’m here and not over at Outcast Island.” Wit chuckled again before facepalming, “Oh dear me! I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Wit. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance!”


Toothless took a step back and growled at the rat that came out from the bushes, he silently listened to him speak but didn’t show any signs of replying to him. Hiccup had heard Toothless growling and walked back over to him stopping when he saw the rats, you don’t see rats around Berk so this was new.

Wit stood his ground when Toothless stepped back. He didn’t show any fear, however he spoke in a steady and calm voice. When the human walked next to the dragon, Wit let out a breath of relief, “Thank goodness. I thought I was about to be torn to shreds!” The rat  stood in a more relaxed pose. He tilted his head, “I sincerely do apologize for the intrusion, and for startling your friend there. You see, I’ve been traveling around many places and…well… I don’t know, exactly, where I’ve landed.” He gave a chuckle and scratched the back of his head sheepishly.


Toothless walked along the riverbank before jumping into it, luckily the water wasn’t completely deep so there was a very low chance that he would even drown. In this particular river was a nice bundle of icelandic cod fish sadly he wasn’t having to much luck catching them, his long tail swung around in the water and scared some of them off but finally the nightfury manages to catch one and quickly slips out of the water with it. 

Once he drops the fish on earth soil he watches it struggle and gasp for air, he almost felt sorry for it, but not enough to go and let it back in the water after all he needed to eat to! He lowers his head to take a bite of the fish when he hears something in the bushes approaching his direction, he lifts his head and looks towards the bush, he grows and snarls at the bush awaiting whomever it was to appear.


The rat saw that the dragon had heard him. Ears flicking back, the rat tilted his head and slowly came forwards. “I apologize for intruding, but there aren’t many places here that I can walk around without bumping into a hungry dragon, are there?” The rat had no weapons on him, nothing but the fur on his skin. Wit was hoping that the dragon could speak or something, but this one didn’t seem to have the capability. His eyebrows furrowed as he squinted at the dragon, sniffing. “I know there’s a human around here somewhere…” The rat’s ears perked up as he looked around.